[sticky post]What are grant making trusts
Grant making trusts are those foundations which will financially support many
projects. These projects must be in fields of arts, community, education and
welfare, medical, social, religion, youth and environment. There are grant
making trusts for individual, foundations, education, charities etc. There are
many grant making trusts few of them are Garfield Weston foundation, youth
movies, young roots, dulverton trust, sports relief, awards for all and many
more trusts. These all trusts have funders, these funders may be individuals or
organizations like comic relief, the heritage lottery fund, the Garfield western
foundation, the BBC, the national lottery, the dulverton trust etc.
charity funds will also support physically disabled and old people. They will
also support children living in poverty, illness distress etc. Getting of
individual fund is difficult s all the funders concentrate on organizations and
companies. An individual fund getting process is having strict application
criteria. There are many grant making foundations which look forward to help
people by giving loans and charities. They also assist how to manage
The grant making trusts will get their income by the capital sum
given to them by an individual, family or company. The income they get can be in
the form of cash, land, share or stock. Grant making trusts get their income
privately and not by government so they would be flexible in providing funds.
Even though they are independent of providing funds they are very significant
when funding innovative ideas which are not popular. They would most probably
fund to the short and medium term work which would bring long term
While applying to such grant making trusts we should follow some
rules like preparing of application carefully and leave plenty of time .After
this we should also be aware of what kind of foundations we will apply to. The
grant making trusts would concentrate most of their funds on social care then
education, arts, health then religious activities and many more.
They will
also give funds based on some factors like age, medical conditions, religious
and gender. All these factors are arranged in descending order of their
importance. Grant making trusts are geographically distributed over following
areas England, UK, Scotland, wales, northern and Ireland. These are arranged in
ascending order of funds they provide. Grant making trusts not only provide
charities but also provide awards. The charity foundations will not only provide
funds to people, they also provide education to public.
While we apply for
these charities we should give concise information about the requirements it
should have following factors summary of proposal, needs, how much you require
and for what. If one will apply funds for an organization then it should be
useful for users and learners. While we want funds for a project and new
innovative ideas we need to be careful that that process should be useful to
public and not harmful.
All grant making trusts have helped many
organizations, individuals. Many of children and aged people have got many
charities for their purpose. Many of the medical problems are also solved. Many
of sports people are also benefited by this.
All these grant trusts would not
harm people but always help people financially and in all aspects. There are
many trusts world-wide which would make people and organizations to develop


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